50 Must-Do Activities for the Ultimate Crop Over 50 Experience

The sweetest summer festival is turning 50! Yes, Crop Over is celebrating 50 years of life, heritage, culture and endless vibes.

This year the festival will be held from July 6th-August 7th but as many of you know the festivities start from as early as May. 

If you need a refresher course on all things Crop Over, read our Mission Crop Over article. 

In honour of this historic milestone, here are 50 things to do in Barbados during the 2024 Crop Over Festival.

1. Attend a Crop Over Sweet Lime

These mini events are like the appetizers to the main festival events. Held at various bars within local communities, you can spend your night listening to local Barbadian artists, sipping Bajan rum and enjoying the atmosphere that the festival brings. 

2. Watch a World Cup T20 Match 

In the month of June, Barbados will be hosting nine thrilling games as part of the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup. Of the nine, the finals will be held on June 29th and it’s set to be ‘Out of this World’.

3. Witness the Delivery of the Last Canes

To officially mark the beginning of Crop Over and the end of the sugar cane harvest season, a ceremonial delivery of the last sugar cane is held. This event honours those who came before us, celebrates their achievements and honour their memory. It is also a time to celebrate everything Bajan including cuisine, arts and craft, workshops and performances.

4. Jump in a Kadooment Band 

Grand Kadooment Day is the climax of Crop Over and is held on the first Monday of August. It is a big celebration where masquerade bands make their way through a guided route. Masqueraders are dressed in the most intricate and beautiful costumes filled with sequins and elaborate feathers. Your experience on the road includes dancing behind trucks blazing the best soca songs, food, drinks, security and of course endless vibes. Some of the most popular bands are Aura Experience, Vida by Esquire, Blue Box Cart, Krave The Band and Kontact Band.


5. Experience Foreday Morning


Foreday Morning is a ‘Jouvert’. This word derives from jou ouvè which means dawn in Creole. Foreday Morning takes place on Crop Over Friday and is held in the wee hours in the morning. You dance and parade through the island’s capital behind music trucks, with paint, foam, water.


Around the island there are also private Jouverts held at this time for festival goers to choose from.

6. Learn to Wuk Up 

“Wukking Up” is a unique hip movement that is done to soca and calypso music. While on the island learn how to dance like a Bajan and get your waistline ready for the Crop Over season from top dancers on the island. 

7. Add a Bashment Soca Song to your Playlist 

Bashment soca is a relatively new genre that is synonymous with Barbados and the Crop Over Festival. It is known for its infectious beats, witty lyrics and the power to make you behave a little out of character.

8. Attend a Breakfast Party 

Crop Over is described as pace, pace and more pace. On your list of events should be a breakfast party which as the name suggests includes delicious breakfast cuisine. You can indulge in Barbadian cuisine such as fishcakes, bakes, pumpkin fritters and so much more.

9. Watch Kiddies Kadooment 

This one is for the kids! Junior Kadooment is the children’s version of Grand Kadooment where children dress in colourful themed costumes and parade to the sweet tunes of the festival. 

10. Experience an All-inclusive Party 

 Barbados is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, so you definitely have to attend a party that is inclusive of the finest cuisine. An “All-inclusive” party is an event that includes premium food and drinks, entertainment and great vibes for one price. At parties like Bliss, Awaken, Island Mas and more, you can party and taste the most scrumptious food with the backdrop of the island’s most scenic venues. 

11. Sing your Heart Out at a Soca Concert 

Music is at the heart of Crop Over and a good soca concert will have your heart yearning for more. Throughout the festival you can watch live performances from popular local and regional soca artistes.

12. Enjoy a party Cooler Cruise 

 If you don’t go to a cooler cruise, then you did not attend Crop Over. A cooler cruise is a party held on a boat which sails along the coast of Barbados with entertainment from the island’s best deejays. It’s called a cooler cruise because you bring your own coolers filled with any drinks and beverages that you like. Some cooler cruises to look out for are Jamm’n Cruise, Nudes Tanlines and Escape Cooler Cruise to name a few. 

13. Dance with Mother Sally and the Tuk Band

From the time you step out of the plane, during the midst of the Crop Over season, you will find a dancing mother sally and the tuk band. Mother Sally is a Barbadian folklore character and the tuk band is a Barbadian musical ensemble which consist mainly of bass drums and flutes. 

14. Learn How to Stick Lick

Stick Licking is an ancient martial art that originated in Africa, practised first for self-defence and second as a sport. This cultural art form is still practiced on the island through a private lesson or once a workshop is being held.

15. Support Local at Bridgetown Market 

Crop Over is like Christmas for creatives in Barbados and Bridgetown Market is one place where you can support them all. It is considered the biggest street fair of the festival where you can purchase local trinkets, art, crafts and so much more.  

16. Take a Walking Food Tour of the Island’s Capital 

Embark on a historic walking food tour through Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable culinary adventure.

17. Find your Name on the Builders of Barbados Wall

Located in the heart of the island, Bridgetown, this wall is a heritage site where locals and visitors challenge themselves to find their name and take a memorable picture. Visitors on a genealogical quest can find a connection to their roots in Barbados by just searching their family name on the wall.

18. Visit Rihanna Drive

You can’t come to Barbados and not visit where our star was born. Take a photo by the home of international superstar and national hero The Right Excellent Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty.

19. Explore Underwater Barbados 

If you have a love for the ocean then you must snorkel with Barbados’ honorary citizens…turtles. You can also free dive or scuba dive through fascinating shipwrecks found beyond the shoreline.

20. Eat Your way Through Worthing Square

From Caribbean to Lebanese cuisine, Worthing Square is the island’s ultimate food truck hub. Located on the south of the island, it’s a great spot to get a plethora of delicious bites between your parties or excursions.

21. Watch a Barbadian Sunset

End a day filled with festival activities by sinking your toes into the idyllic white sand as you watch the most break taking sunset.

22. Take a Photo of Cherry Tree Hill 

Barbados is home to some of the most picture-perfect spots. One of those sports is Cherry Tree Hill which showcases a breathtaking view of the East Coast of Barbados. 

east coast barbados

23. Enjoy a Relaxing East Coast Drive 

The East is one of the most peaceful parts of the island with its breezy Atlantic air and unspoiled beauty. It is also home to the world-famous Soup Bowl, so on your drive you may spot a surfer or two. 

24. Watch Horse-Racing at the Garrison Savannah 

The Garrison Savannah has been the home of horse racing in Barbados since 1845. You can spend a summer day/night watching a horse race and enjoying the festive atmosphere with locals.

25. Visit St. John Parish Church 

Barbados has 11 Anglican Parish Churches and St. John, known for its picturesque views is a historic landmark.

26. Spend a Friday at Oistins

They say nobody can grill a fish like a Bajan and Oistins is that place to find out. The famous Oistins Fish Fry is where you can have fresh fish of your choice with grilled potatoes, macaroni pie, rice & peas, french fries and various salads.

Oistins barbados

27. Discover Harrison’s Cave Eco-Adventure Park

From an electric tram tour through Barbados’ greatest wonder to an exhilarating challenge, this adventure will make you go weak at the knees for beautiful Barbados.

28. Take a Picture at Gun Hill Signal Station

Visit the historic Gun Hill Signal Station in Saint George for panoramic views of the island and take a photo with the iconic lion statue carved from a single rock.

29. Taste Local Chocolates 

Indulge in the rich flavours of Barbadian chocolate by visiting local chocolatiers like Agapey Chocolate Factory in Bridgetown for a tour and tasting session.


30. Discover Motorsport Island 


Barbados is home to Bushy Park, the leading circuit-racing facility in the English-speaking Caribbean. You can experience the motorsport thrill with an action-packed karting session. 

31. Explore Animal Flower Cave 

This amazing cave opens directly into the Atlantic Ocean and is the island’s lone accessible sea cave. The name “Animal Flower Cave” comes from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave.

32. Do a Rum Shop Hop

Barbados is the Birthplace of Rum so of course the island has a rum shop per square mile. It’s the best place to unwind, drink a rum punch and chill with locals.

Rum Shop Hop barbados

33. Indulge in Delicious Cuisine at a Bottomless Brunch

Treat yourself to a bottomless brunch featuring an array of delicious dishes and unlimited drinks at restaurants like Noir Restaurant, Cocktail Kitchen, The Mews Barbados and more.  

34. Sail Around Barbados’ Picturesque Coastline 

Sail along the island’s coastline on a catamaran cruise, enjoying the stunning views, crystal-clear waters, with opportunities for snorkelling and swimming.

catamaran barbados

35. Enjoy a Seaside Lunch

There’s nothing like eating good food and sipping refreshing cocktails with the sound of the waves as your backdrop.

36. Relax in the Natural Pools at Bathsheba


Visit Bathsheba on the east coast to relax in the natural rock pools formed by the Atlantic Ocean’s waves, surrounded by dramatic rock formations.

37. Go on an E-bike Tour

Discover Barbados’ scenic beauty and historical landmarks on an eco-friendly e-bike tour, offered by various tour operators on the island.


38. Venture through Walkers Reserve 

Visitors can explore the Reserve through various offerings including a Coastal Nature Walk, Tropical Driving Adventure, Caribbean Birding Experience and Bajan Bee Adventures.

39. Release your Adrenaline Junkie Off Roading

Go off-roading through rugged terrains and trails with Off Road Fury or Tore Barbados. 

40. Have a Farm to Table Experience 

Enjoy a farm-to-table dining experience at restaurants like PEG Farm, Local & Co and Eco Lodge lifestyle, where you can savour fresh, locally sourced meals.

41. Taste the World’s Oldest Rum 

Visit the Mount Gay Rum Distillery in Saint Lucy to taste and learn about the world’s oldest rum, produced in Barbados since 1703.

42. Take a Rum Tour

Barbados is the home of rum so along with Mount Gay, you can tour different distilleries such as West Indies Rum Distillery, Foursquare Rum Distillery and St, Nicholas Abbey.

pouring rum in a glass in barbados

43. Learn How to Make Soap

HoneyChild Skincare Barbados is the to go place for this experience, which can be enjoyed by couples, a group of friends or family.

44. Wander through Coco Hill Forest 

Explore Coco Hill Forest, a lush tropical forest in Saint Joseph, to experience the natural beauty and biodiversity of Barbados’ inland regions.


45. Tour the island on the Bajan Bus Tour 

Hop on this traditional open-air bus to explore the island’s key attractions, cultural sites, and picturesque landscapes with local guides.

46. Take a Pottery Class

Create your own ceramic Barbadian keepsake at Earthworks or Hamilton’s pottery.

47. Visit the Monument to the Barbadian Family 

Pay a visit to the Monument to the Barbadian Family, located in Heroes Square, Bridgetown, and learn about the national heroes who has contributed to the island. 

48. Hike Chalky Mount 

Challenge yourself with a hike up Chalky Mount in Saint Andrew for breathtaking panoramic views.

St Andrew hike Barbados

49. Learn how to Surf 

For all you beginner surfers, Freights Bay offers the best waves to learn how to surf. The island also has a variety of surf schools like Barry’s Surf School and Bodie’s School of Surf, where you can book your lesson.

50. Play a game of Road Tennis

Did you know that Barbados invented road tennis? Try your hand at road tennis, a unique Barbadian sport, by joining a game at local courts or community centers where locals gather to play.

Now that you have your bucket list, you can book your ticket to paradise! Visit visitbarbados.org and https://ncf.bb for more information.


Written By: Rhe-Ann Prescod