Barbados: The Top Celebrity Playground

Do you remember a time when Coldplay had us all belting “para- para- paradise” at the top of our lungs? Well, if you do, then we’re here to tell you that the paradise he was singing about was Barbados.

Yes, Chris Martin wrote Paradise while vacationing in Barbados, so one can make the assumption that he was probably inspired by the environment he was in.

For celebrities, Barbados is a place that fuels their creativity, reconnects them to their lineage or provides a much-needed escape.

From NFL players to actresses and renowned deejays, Barbados is a top vacation destination for many.

We’re not trying to name-drop, but there have already been a few celebrities who have flocked to Barbados for 2023, like American Actress Megan Good.

Living like a Local

As part of her “Year of Travel”, Megan visited the island for the first time in 2023. Her grandfather is Barbadian so she thought the island would be a great choice.

Megan wanted to experience the country like a local, so she travelled around the island by the public minivan and for one night only, she even took over the popular west coast bar Jamestown and deejayed for the night.

A Culture that Inspires You

On that note, British House and techno Club DJ Carl Cox also visited Barbados, the place that has inspired his music style.

“Having a family from Barbados, it was always about coming together and sharing. My style of music comes from the island and always comes from a jump-up point of view where people are excited and happy by the music I play,” he explained.

A Unique Island

On the topic of music, that’s what made made American DJ and record producer, Orange Calderón’s trip to the island so unique.

She said “Every place we’re going it’s like a party. When we get to the restaurants, they’re classic R&B playing, Afrobeats, Hip Hop we’re literally shazaming left and right. The music here has been absolutely incredible, I have been blown away.”

Photo via IG @victorcruz

For retired NFL player Victor Cruz, the golf, food, people and of course beaches made his time on the island phenomenal. He said he would definitely back as being a Barbados was an exceptional moment in time for him.

Finding a Connection

A celebrities’ connection to Barbados can be showcased in many different forms. For instance,
Tao Zrafi, mixologist and finalist on Netflix’s Drink Masters connection to Barbados started in a quaint bar in Montreal with Barbadian rum. He went from incorporating Plantation Rum in his cocktails to travelling to the birthplace of rum, Barbados, and hosted a mixology masterclass. Inspired by the island, he even wants to figure out how to incorporate breadfruit in a cocktail.

Tao’s connection to the island may have formed from miles away but American Actress Logan Laurice Browning formed hers while immersing herself in the Barbadiana experience.

Logan was so charmed by Barbados that when captioning her Barbados post on Instagram, she said “didn’t find RiRi, but I did find a new place to call home”

She and her travel buddies, which also included actresses Amber Riley and Camille Winbush, described Barbados as the most beautiful island they have ever visited and said they had the best time of their life.

What else can we say other than in Barbados, you can find a place like home, a piece of your heritage or just a place to hide away. So, maybe the celebs are on to something…Barbados is the place to be!

Written by: Rhe-Ann Prescod