From Island Life to Primetime: Niko Terho’s Journey to Grey’s Anatomy

No matter how far we may roam or the new places we discover, there will always be that one place we never stop calling home.


For Grey’s Anatomy actor, Niko Terho, that place is Barbados.


And yes, we said Grey’s Anatomy and Barbados in the same sentence. 


In 2022, Barbadian native, Niko Terho, joined season 19 of the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular.



As many Barbadians saw this as a “one in a million” opportunity, they were proud and happy to see a homegrown talent on a TV show that is widely loved and seen by millions.

So, how did it all happen? 

 “A lot of it is just persistence because everyone’s timing is different and I feel like opportunities will present themselves at some point. It’s just about being ready for that point and a lot of people quit before they get there. This is a very risky business and the percentage of success is not very high,” Niko explained. “But if you can’t see yourself doing anything else, then you have to give it your all, keep going and find ways to facilitate that. If I didn’t do this, I have no idea what I’ll be doing.”

This sentiment is what has been the driving force in Niko’s acting journey.

Journey to Grey’s

Growing up, Niko had an interest in both football and acting. However, he thought the idea of an acting career in Barbados was farfetched, so football became his main focus. This led to him being scouted to play in England. 


Niko realized that he didn’t like the lifestyle of playing professional football or found as much excitement in it as he expected, so he quit.

Subsequently, around the age of 18, he moved to New York, which was like a second home to him, took acting classes and worked hard to find auditions over the next few years. He eventually auditioned for the Disney Discovers Talent Showcase where he was one of twelve successful candidates selected, gaining both an agent and a manager. 

The first audition after having a team, he booked the Freeform television film “The Thing Called Harry”.

“I got that movie and then I thought everything was going to be great and COVID happened, and everything shut down for a good two years. After, I started auditioning more, and I auditioned for Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t think anything of it, I was like, I’m just going to audition for this, I’m probably not going to get it,” Niko confessed.

Niko was wrong because one week later, he got the call that they wanted him on the show from simply one audition. 


Then another week later he flew out to Los Angeles and his new journey began as Dr. Lucas Adams.

“It’s a surreal experience.  I catch myself always on set like, wow, we’re making a TV show right now that’s going be seen by millions of people. The people I get to meet…a lot of it is surreal to me.. even doing an interview is a surreal moment for me.”

What makes it a little more special is that his character’s father is from Barbados, which is a subtle homage to his heritage. 

Showcasing Barbadian Culture 

Niko loves to share his culture with his cast mates as he constantly tells them stories about his childhood. He even brought a few of his costars to Barbados so they could experience the island for themselves. 

“They’re already trying to figure out when next they can come back. I tried to give them an authentic experience, showing them places like the East Coast, North Point, Animal Flower Cave and of course some rum shops. Everyone talked about how magical the place looked and how spectacular the sunsets were.”


He added that they were just always in awe at Barbados.  


For Niko, there are a few places on the island that he holds dear to his heart; Payne’s Bay beach being top of the list. It’s where he feels the most relaxed and used to spend most weekends there as a child. 


East Coast is also one of his favourite places as he has made a lot of great memories there. 


He can recount hours spent sitting in the Bathsheba pools during low tide exploring and searching for all sorts of sea creatures. 


Experiencing Barbados like Niko 


For anyone ready to book their next getaway to Barbados of course Niko recommends visiting Bathsheba and Payne’s Bay but taking a full island tour should be on your list.


As Barbados is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, making some food stops along your island tour is a must and the one-stop Niko raves about is the fried pork from Bay Lounge. On his list is also a fish cutter from Cuzz, pudding and souse from De Thirsty Lizard and of course a broasted chicken breast sandwich from Cheffette.

Niko loves the island so much he said if he could, he would star in a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff in Barbados.

But his focus right now is to continue on the medical drama, honing his acting skills  and getting more experience. 

So, be sure to keep up with Niko’s journey as Grey’s Anatomy returns for Season 20 in March 2024.

By: Rhe-Ann Prescod