Six Great Ocean Adventures
Six Great Ocean Adventures

When you think of fantastic beaches, you should think of beaches in Barbados. After all, the island’s 166 square miles are surrounded by the most pristine white sand beaches in the Caribbean. This means that wherever you stay in Barbados, you will always be close to a beach – and that’s a guarantee. Barbados is a haven for almost any type of island water sport you can imagine. So while you can lay on the shore, on your best beach vacation, soaking up our year-round summer sun, there are many water sports activities waiting for you.

Looking for some great ocean adventures on Barbados’ beaches while on the island? Here are our picks for the six great activities you should try while you are here.

Six Great Ocean Adventures

Try kayaking in Barbados, and you won’t be disappointed. For persons who want to experience the calm waters and warm tropical breezes, the West Coast is ideal. However, for those who want a more challenging and exciting journey then you can head to the South Coast, for instance, Surfer’s Point is a fantastic location for kayaking or other water sport activities. Several water sports rental shops are in the South Coast for easy access, and you can rent kayaking gear from these shops.

Clear Kayaks Barbados, is a watersports shop that rents clear kayaks to persons who are looking for a different adventure where you can discover a hidden world below the surface with their unique clear glass bottom kayaks. These kayaks make it easier to see below the waves and experience all that Barbados has to offer in the deep waters below.

Six Great Ocean Adventures

Barbados offers visitors and locals a treat both above and below water. Submerged shipwrecks, warm tropical waters and thrilling deep water dives in the Atlantic, makes Barbados a destination that many scuba divers return to year after year.

With approximately 200 wrecks, it’s no wonder that Barbados is a dive destination that captures the interest of divers looking for something different. The Pamir, Friars Crag, and the Starvronikita are the shipwrecks that should be at the top of your diving priority list. If it is your first time diving, the Pamir is at depths perfect for beginners. But if you are interested in putting in hours in your log with wreck after wreck then the Carlisle Bay, is where you want to be. There are four wrecks in this bay that are accessible to beginners.

There are many diving stores in Barbados, which are glad to assist visitors and locals in scuba diving. Including, The Diving Shop ltd, which is the first full-service scuba diving operation in Barbados. This company has been a leader and pioneer in Barbados scuba-diving and marine conservation for over 45 years. Another diving store is Roger’s Scuba Shack which is a 5 star PADI certified shop in Barbados for all your scuba diving adventures.

Six Great Ocean Adventures
Learning to Surf / Boogie board

Barbados has been called one of the best surfing destinations in the world. The surf on this island is usually good for eight months to a year, usually November to June. The trade winds blow out of the East North East (ENE) which makes the swells clean and surfing super fun.

Another fun water sport is boogie boarding, and this fun activity is usually for kids, amateurs and beginners and the best place to go is the West Coast of Barbados to boogie board since the waves are inconsistent and you have a better chance to enjoy and stay safe while in the water. If you have never surfed before and are willing to ride these waves here in Barbados, then first you must learn.

There are plenty of surfing schools and surfing rental shops that know first-hand all about surfing – the techniques, the right board and the best waves to find around the island. Surfing schools usually start with the basics, and most schools in Barbados show you the techniques and procedures on land first and simulate the training on the boards before you head in the water.

Some of the schools include: “Ride The Tide Surf school”, Barry’s Surf Barbados Surf School, Barry’s Surf School or the famous “Dread or Dead Surfing School”. Some surfing schools also show you how to boogie board and are patient in showing and teaching beginners and kids. The schools usually rent the boards and operate all in one shops for you to get your gear and equipment for other water sport activities.

Six Great Ocean Adventures
Kite and windsurfing

Barbados has excellent unique wind and kite surfing conditions for anyone who is looking to try this trending water sports activity in our warm tropical sea. In fact, Barbados may have one of the most ideal kitesurfing beaches in the world – Silver Sands Beach – with lovely blue sun-kissed skies, white golden sands, turquoise crystal clear waters and the tropical breeze to cool you.

The wind blows slightly onshore, which is essential to the safety of a kitesurfing beginner. Barbados is blessed with constant trade winds and an average temperature of 30 degrees – creating an ideal wind force for kite and windsurfing.

There are quite a few kite and windsurfing schools in Barbados if you want to try this fun, adventurous activity. These include “Endless Kite Boarding” – offering lessons in both wind and kitesurfing to the South of the island. Other companies include UpWind Kitesurf school and KiteSurf Intl Barbados.

Six Great Ocean Adventures
Snorkelling & Swimming with the sea turtles

Snorkelling in Barbados is a must-do. With an array of beautiful, colourful coral reefs, and plenty of marine life to see, snorkelling is a popular pastime for both locals and tourists alike.

Barbados’ clear coastal waters offer the perfect visibility for snorkelling; you don’t need to swim too far out from the shore to get a view of a fantastic range of sea creatures and exotic tropical fish. Not only is snorkelling fun, but it is easy to do with little or no training – it’s something the whole family will enjoy.

If you choose to Snorkel a bit further offshore, you are bound to see coral reef formations, parrotfish, sea urchins, slugs, barrel sponges and possibly get to see, feed and swim with the hawksbill and green leatherback turtles that make Barbados their home. Swimming with the sea turtles is a must, and many local catamaran cruises offer this service in their itinerary as one of the top things to do. The clear view of the ocean floor means that snorkelers may also get a chance to see sea snakes, conch shells and starfish, and if you look very closely, you may get a glimpse of tiny seahorses.

The best places to snorkel are on the West and South coasts of Barbados.

Six Great Ocean Adventures
Deep-sea fishing

Barbados fishing operators offer deep-sea fishing and tours around the coasts of the island. There are many exotic tropical fish that have made Barbados their home and several boating charters know where the best fishing spots are for you to get a big catch. You may be able to catch big fish such as Barracuda, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, blue and white Marlin and even sailfish.

If you are a first-timer, most fishing charters show you how to fish and offer packages where you can rent equipment such as a tackle, bait, fishing rods and lines. The charters also include refreshments and transportation.

There are many fishing charters in Barbados and some who allow you to keep your catch and some who grill your catch. Some fishing charters include Legacy Fishing Charters, Reel Deep, Reel Crazy, Bluefin fishing charters and Predator Sport Fishing.

Whatever you choose for your day at the beach, Barbados is sure to have a perfect location.