Unwind and Revitalize in Barbados

Your Yoga Oasis Awaits 

When you think about it, yoga and travel is the perfect pairing.  

Travel is a way to escape the stress of your everyday life and yoga enhances your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Mix the two together and you can have a wellness-inspired getaway that will leave your mind, body and soul rejuvenated. 

As a sustainable destination, Barbados is the best place to experience this pairing. The island is home to some of the most picturesque and tranquil locations where every mindful traveller can have the most blissful yoga sessions. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind if a wellness trip is exactly what you need. 

Exploring the Wonders 

Travel is about discovering the world and seeing it from different perspectives. With yoga added to your itinerary, you can turn your exploration of Barbados into an intimate adventure.

Get enchanted by the views of the east as you join Yoga with Jo for a sunrise session at Peg Farm or let the sea breeze caress your skin as you strike a pose in Animal Flower Cave, Barbados’s lone accessible sea cave. 

You can even try partner yoga with Wolf Pack Yoga 246  and be mesmerized by the views at the historic Gun Hill Station. 


Finding Your Tribe 

One thing that elevates a travel experience, is finding like-minded travellers and people who appreciate similar experiences. Community yoga is one way to find your tribe and Eastside Yoga Barbados offers a class every Sunday at the quaint Round House Barbados. Located on the scenic East Coast, these open-air oceanfront yoga classes provide a host of benefits.

Float and Flow 


SUP yoga takes “being one with nature” to the next level. Practising yoga on a paddle board while floating on Barbados’ blue crystal-clear waters, is a unique way to experience paradise. 

This unique form of yoga allows you to appreciate the beauty of the ocean while increasing balance and focus.

And on this 166 ft square island, SUP yoga classes are offered both on the west and south coast of Barbados. You can try SUP yoga and let the Caribbean Sea support your practice with Santosha Yoga or  Yoga Samudra.


Sunset Serenity 

Local yoga instructors like Demi Yoga Fitness offer slow and vinyasa flows paired with the Barbados sunset.

As the hues of orange and yellow dance across the sky and the warm natural light alight your skin, you will experience a new level of gratitude during a serene sunset yoga session. 

Whether on an idyllic white beach or upon a breath-taking clifftop, sunset yoga is a must in Barbados. During that “magical hour”, you can appreciate the bliss as you exhale your stress away.

Now that you know where and why, you should start working on the when. 

So, inhale…exhale…clear your mind and start planning that wellness excursion to Barbados.  

By: Rhe-Ann Prescod