Seeing Barbados is one thing. Tasting it, however, is heaven on earth for those whose heart is won through their stomach.

For starters, cleanse the palate with fresh local fruit like the Bajan Cherry (which packs a full day of Vitamin C in one cherry) and grapefruit (which originated in our Welchman Hall Gully) which can be found from the trays of hawkers and vendors islandwide, on the roadside or by visiting a dedicated farmer’s market like the Cheapside Public Market in Bridgetown. Move on to try local classic snacks like fishcakes, fish or ham cutters, and an assortment of pastries (lead pipes, jam puffs, turnovers) from shops and local bakeries.

Around midday, the delicious scent of food is inescapable around the island as lunch is being prepared. So follow your nose to legendary eateries like Mustor’s in Bridgetown, which has cou-cou and flying fish (our national dish), rice & peas, macaroni pie, stewed meats and other authentic dishes on the menu on any given day.

Enjoy views of the sea with cocktails, small plates and conversation in restaurants like Local & Co. located in historic Speightstown. This farm to table concept restaurant has an ever-changing menu based on the chef’s mood and availability of organic resources and puts an ultramodern spin on ingredients like root vegetables and the ever-present Black Belly lamb.

Barbados is a dreamland for culinary enthusiasts as tastes of abroad can be found interspersed with our local cuisine. For example, Cocktail Kitchen, located in St. Lawrence Gap, takes the much-beloved breadfruit and reimagines it into a savoury nacho dish that has you calling for more. In 2nd Street, Holetown, Nishi Restaurant serves up Asian and Caribbean infused dishes like Thai Seafood Bisque. And its sushi bar boasts an extensive list of Maki Rolls and Sashimi prepared by a head chef who boasts 15 years of international experience.