Barbados - A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury

Barbados, the paradise and tropical escape is high on the list of favourite luxury holiday destinations of the ultra-rich and famous. The exotic oasis is an idyllic getaway from the stresses of the world. It promises a luxurious stay where clear waters, white sandy beaches and world-class indulgences await, along with a host of exclusive hotels, villas and luxury experiences. Your comfort is always a priority. Here, superior staff anticipate your every need and are ultimately guided by the goal of making your stay on the island an unforgettable experience.

Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
Exotic Accommodation

Stay in comfort and style in any number of elegant Caribbean resorts, luxury villas or Luxury Hotels in Barbados. You have your choice of beachside villas where you can just take a step outside and walk directly on to the soft white sand to have your feet kissed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Or you may prefer the lush country views of the island, a tropical escape where a full staff, inclusive of chef, butler, and housekeeper ensure your every need is met. Perhaps you may want to stay at one of the five-star hotels on the island or go a step further – a stay at the five-diamond luxury hotel, the prestigious Sandy Lane.

For those of you who have a love for the sea can sail right into one of two luxury ports – Port Ferdinand or Port St. Charles. Your every requirement and indulgence can be achieved on the island.

Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
Champagne and Sunsets

Some argue that perfection is unattainable. However, what nature has created in the form of Barbados’ beaches is the closest thing to perfection there is. The pristine beaches, particularly the ones that line the Platinum Coast (parts of St. Michael, St. James and St. Peter) are stunning and the personalised amenities offered by the resorts there help to make those beach days even better.

One way to soak in the seaside splendour is by taking a luxury cruise. Sail the waters and have an unhindered view of the ocean and coastline. Sip from the premium drinks bar while being served your gourmet meal. Snorkel the gorgeous reefs and enchanting shipwrecks. Maybe a turtle will join you to play while you swim in the warm clear waters. As the sun disappears beyond the watery horizon, make sure your hands are not empty. A bottle of bubbly goes well with a Barbadian sunset.

Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
Fine Dining

Fine dining at restaurants in Barbados is on par with and, we dare say, beyond the expectations of a world traveller. There is a selection of fantastic restaurants, most offering a combination of breath-taking views and sumptuous Caribbean cuisine. The exceptional offerings highlight many flavours from around the world as award-winning, world-renowned chefs get to work on delighting your palette. There are many locations to choose from, however, a select few have outstanding ratings and are favourites among the guests who visit, including Lone Star, Tides, Fish Pot & Champers.

The Lone Star. Offering Italian cuisine and a double delight of wonderful food and views, The Lone Star restaurant sits along the west coast of the island.

The Tides Restaurant. Found in the historic Holetown, St. James, the sought-after restaurant is set alongside an enchanting art gallery. The quaint coral stone structure offers lovely views of the platinum coast and is positioned along the west coast boardwalk. Caribbean interpretations of dishes from around the world and seafood are the highlights of the menu.

Daphne’s. Elegant, stunning and memorable are some of the words that can describe the award-winning restaurant. Named as one of the favourite places to eat by Rihanna, this restaurant also boasts of hosting Simon Cowell and Gerard Butler. Located in St. James on the Platinum Coast, the fantastic food is suitably accompanied by equally fantastic views.

Champers Restaurant. Venture to the south coast of the island where, on the water’s edge, you will discover a romantic escape with delicious food. Heralded for its consistency and impeccable service, the chic restaurant offers bold and exciting dishes.

Nikki Beach. The first and original luxury beach concept found exclusively in 14 locations around the world (in such places as Saint Tropez, Monte Carlo and Dubai) is also right here on the island. The exclusive beach club sits on a pristine beachfront property in the northern parish of St. Peter. Fashion, art, great food and delicious cocktails define the Nikki Beach experience.

Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
The Ultimate Shopping Experience

On the Platinum Coast, there is a luxury brand shopping experience awaiting your presence. The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is an A-List shopper’s haven. Many of the leading luxury brands can be found in this exquisite shopping centre. You will find Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hugo Boss and M.A.C stores, among others. Accessories, apparel, jewellery and makeup can all be found in one elegantly designed duty-free location.

Conversely, venturing to the capital Bridgetown is always an exciting and intriguing way to get a taste of the Barbadian culture. Beyond the stunning historic architecture of the city, there are numerous shopping options including international jewellery stores such as Little Switzerland, Columbian Emeralds and Diamonds International.

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind works of art and handcrafted outfits, the charming Chattel Village in Holetown, St. James may have what you are seeking. The brightly coloured assortment of wooden structures sitting amongst lovely foliage captures the eye and the imagination. Walk the pathways between the shops and enjoy the oasis this unique shopping experience provides. Along the platinum and south coasts are boutique treasures that offer unique pieces created by local and international designers. The discerning shopper will find that Barbados has it all –
world-renowned luxury brands, unique offerings and precious jewels – providing an incredible shopping experience.

Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
Sporting in Style

Horse racing is another such experience where style and class meet the passion of the sport. Enjoy the rivalry of the varying stables at the historic Garrison Savannah. One of the premier events on the international horse racing calendar is the Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup. An event befitting its title sponsor, the Sandy Lane Gold Cup is a fusion of glitz and glamour.

On the oceanic side of the spectrum, spectators can experience the thrill of mega yachts and skilled seamen seeking to conquer the wind and waves during the Round Barbados Sailing Week. The event, which takes place in January, sees many regional and international participants vying for top prizes. Pick your perfect spot from one of the lovely beaches or the deck of your private catamaran.

Looking to tee off? Then do it in style at one of the stunning golf courses in Barbados. The dramatic landscape and tropical climate lend themselves to creating the perfect environment for golf lovers. The ultimate golfing experience can be enjoyed at the renowned course at Sandy Lane, one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world. Or enjoy year-round golf in the tropical paradise at one of our fabulous golfing facilities.

Barbados Golf Club: An official destination of the PGA European Tour, it is made up of an 18-hole par 72 championship course. Located in Christ Church

Rockley Golf and Country Club: Located on the Club Rockley Resort in Christ Church, it is a 9-hole par 70 course.

Royal Westmoreland Golf Club: This Par 72, 7,045-yard course can be found overlooking the west coast of the island in St. James.

Apes Hill Golf Course: The championship golf course rises almost 1,000 feet above sea level with panoramic views from the parish of St. James.

Sandy Lane Golf Course: This course features a 450-yard driving range, two-sided north and south tees and a practice putting green that overlooks the 1st, 9th, and 18th greens. Then there is the clubhouse that includes all the modern amenities in well laid-out luxurious elegance.

Barbados – A Relaxing Getaway for Sun, Sea, Sand and Luxury
A Luxury Experience is Waiting

Everything you are looking for in an island paradise awaits you on the shores of Barbados. The rich and famous have tried to keep the wonders of the island a secret but the tales of luxurious indulgences have escaped and those who also yearn to be spoiled and pampered seek out the exclusive magic that is Barbados. The island sits on the threshold of luxury vacation experiences, as few can equal or rival what this tropical escape has to offer. The most exotic beaches in the world, the finest dining, world-class resorts and unparalleled shopping are awaiting your indulgence.