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Chef Creig Greenidge

Most people will live their lives and never find their passion and others will find theirs and live out all of their wildest dreams. Chef Creig Greenidge, an inspiring story of a young person who is living their dream and pursuing their passion diligently. He started out from humble beginnings, as a child Creig aspired to be either a barber or a chef. He also had love for cars and saw himself possibly making a career of it and like all young west indian boys he also considered being a Cricketer. His interest in the culinary arts started innocently while he was doing his part contributing to household chores. Creig cooked meals including breakfast and Sunday lunch in order to help out his mother and this is where his love for cooking originated. By the age of twelve his aspiration to be a chef was cemented and he made his first strides towards making it a reality in a home economics class at Christ Church Foundation School.

In 2000 , after leaving secondary school pursued and successfully attained an Associate of arts degree in culinary arts from The Hospitality Institute, Hotel Pommarine. While at Pommarine Creig worked part time to fund his school tuition and took on an internship at The Dining Club. Immediately after graduating from The Hospitality institute a permanent position at The Dining Club awaited him and he stayed there for three years, excelling in every area of his work. Chef Creig and his amazing culinary skills have graced the kitchens of several upscale restaurants across Barbados including Sea Breeze Hotel , The Sugar Cane Club and The Sandridge Hotel and South Beach among others.

Creig’s culinary experience has gone beyond the borders of his home country. Serving as a culinary ambassador forThe Barbados Hotel and Tourism association , he has had the great privilege of showcasing Caribbean cuisine to the world in places such as Brazil, England , Ireland, Belgium and The United States of America. He has been featured at many exclusive events across the globe in varied capacities such as celebrity chef , cooking demonstrator and presenting cuisine. Along the way Creig has amassed many accolades in the culinary world, the likes of which are; The 2016 Caribbean tourism Organization’s Rum and Rhythm Chef of the year , winner ofThe Embassy Chef Challenge , He is the youngest person to be named Barbados chef of the year in the Barbados Culinary challenge (2005) along with several other regional and international culinary awards. His resume also boasts his time as Host of the show Living Well Caribbean, being featured chef at National events including the Independence Gala and The annual Food,Wine & Rum festival cooking alongside international chefs such as Craig Harding and Tom Aikens just to name a few.

In 2008 after a long and very successful career in the hotel industry , Creig fulfilled a long time dream of his when he opened his own catering company & restaurant; CM catering which he runs with the assistance of his wife Marsha . Creig loves working for himself because he makes his own hours while affording him the opportunity to spend quality time with his family. His family is very important to him, and this is evident when he speaks of his daughter and through his social media content. Creig is especially fond of Christmas and eagerly awaits the annual Christmas dinner he hosts in conjunction with his mother-in-law.

Creig enjoys his work and loves representing his country on an international stage,the pride and joy gained from putting Barbados on the proverbial map is unlike any other feeling. He also thoroughly enjoys competing in culinary challenges, experiencing the camaraderie and electric atmosphere that accompanies each one. Giving back is another thing he is passionate about and he has mentored several budding chefs over the years helping to jumpstart their culinary careers. His cooking style is an elegant blend of Caribbean infused with international tastes. He takes ordinary meals and innovatively creates sensationally mouthwatering flavors and profiles. Processing the extraordinary gift of creating culinary masterpieces from everyday kitchen ingredients is among one of Chef Creig’s talents, he is also as captivating with his warm personality as he is with his food, engaging every audience he cooks before, delighting their taste buds and spirits alike.